PlayStation Plus November Lineup Latest News & Update: Another 'Meh' Month? Sony Includes 'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture’, ‘Dirt 3’ & More

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Oct 28, 2016 09:28 AM EDT

Another month, another lineup of fresh new games for the PlayStation Plus. For the month of November, Sony is once again dishing out six new games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita. However, to the dismay of the fans, it looks like the company is going away with triple A games and would instead bring more independent titles.

'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture'

This is the headliner and is the first game for the PlayStation 4. This game was released last year, and is the spiritual successor of Dear Esther. "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture" is set in an English town where players must uncover the mystery and find the missing inhabitants.

'The Deadly Tower of Monsters'

This game is playable once again for the PlayStation 4 and was released just earlier this year. Follow Dick Starspeed as he crashes in Gravoria. In "The Deadly Tower of Monsters," players have to fight dinosaurs, nukular ants, and other stuntmen to make it to the tower.

'Dirt 3'

This racing game is playable through the PlayStation 3 and was released back in 2011. You can race against opponents in different tracks, including night, rain, and snow. "Dirt 3" also offers online multiplayer racing through the PlayStation Network.

'Costume Quest 2'

This RPG is once again playable via the PlayStation 3 and was released in 2014. This Halloween-themed game lets players to trick and treat and eventually fight villains while in costume. "Costume Quest 2" follows the brothers Wren and Reynold to save Halloween.

'Letter Quest: Remastered'

This game is available for the PS Vita and can be cross bought for the PlayStation 4. It was released earlier this year. "Letter Quest: Remastered" allows the player to demolish the opponents with upgrades, weapons, books, and other equipment.

'Pumped BMX+'

The last entry on the list, this game is for the PS Vita, and can also be cross bought for the PlayStation 4. It enhances on the mobile experience of the mobile predecessors. "Pumped BMX+" introduces new stunts, tricks, vehicles and equipment.

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