PlayStation 4 Latest News & Update: Unlicensed Games, Apps Can Run on Hacked Firmware; Linux Threatens Even PS4 Pro

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 30, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Unlicensed games and applications can run on PlayStation 4 now that firmware version 4.01 was reported hacked. This situation could lead to potential security failure and possible rooting of even the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro.

To make the problem worse for Sony's console is the report that PlayStation 4 hack was done using web browser, an exploit that can easily replicate. This info first surfaced during a geek's event in China where PlayStation 4 was shown running an unauthorized Linux system. Digital Trends reported that this Linux can be installed using PS4's built-in web browser.

The event presenter from Pavilion Safety Research Lab connected PlayStation 4 into a site that allows user rooting. Then a command line interface did the rest to install what is thought to be a Linux system. And the scary part for Sony - all that the gamer has to do is link to the said website. Installation of Linux is as good as hands-free.

The finished PlayStation 4 Linux system showed Nintendo emulator that runs "Super Mario" using DualShock 4 controller. It is unclear whether pirated top titles can run on hacked PS4 but it is safe to presume that they can. This is because of boundless customizability and 3D acceleration potentials.

Meanwhile, Tech Worm reported that Sony is already aware of this exploit and it is highly possible that they already deployed updates to PlayStation 4 firmware. However, even if hack at launch is not possible, there is still a chance that units in the initial shipment batch carries the same old firmware. This will present vulnerabilities even to AAA games because there are thousands of them already running on Linux.

To recall, this is not the first time that PlayStation 4 became a target of hacks. Most vibrant among these rooting activity was done in firmware version 1.76 although it is already a thing of the past after Sony responded with updates of their own. Also, legacy firmware is no longer used in PS4 or if ever, they are quite rare nowadays.

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