Nintendo Switch Latest News & Update: Display, Controllers are Just Accessories; Nintendo to Reveal More in January

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 30, 2016 04:18 AM EDT

When the gaming community thought that Nintendo Switch secret can be unraveled and dissected because of teaser trailer last week, it appears that everything is just dint of what this new console has to offer.

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said in Bloomberg interview that what was shown in trailer as Nintendo Switch tablet-like display is not the core unit. It appears that the display and side controllers are just "accessories" that are part of wider array of surprises. Technically, these detachable parts are add-on hardware. What prompts the gaming world to use the term accessory is Kimishima himself who said that it is the word he likes to use to describe the console.

With this new set of riddles from Nintendo Switch, gamers have more than two months to figure out the answers before Nintendo reveals more. Kimishima promised that there is Nintendo event on January 13th in Tokyo where they will reveal more about this console's hardware and software. Kimishima stressed that the highlight of this event is going to be the software side of Nintendo Switch.

What could be the biggest draw for Nintendo Switch event in January is Kimishima's statement that they will allow people to touch the device. Further, pricing and other details pointing toward March release date will be announced as well.

Meanwhile, Tech Radar poised some doubts that Nintendo Switch will invade the market with flying colors in March. The reason behind this doubt is the apparent lack of blockbuster title that will launch with Switch. There are speculations about "Skyrim" and other top franchises but they aren't confirmed yet. In fact, there is fear that Nintendo Switch library might not be as extensive compared to rivals PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Again, everything boils down into Nintendo Switch Tokyo event. Kimishima talks about software and it is honestly quite nebulous. Meaning, the tech giant is unsheathing a double-edged sword here. Software can be translated into either the firmware of Nintendo Switch or hopefully, game titles developed for the device.

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