Michael Schumacher Health News & Update: Formula One Star's Current Condition Worries Fans, Family Wants Privacy For F1 Legend

By Kathleen Nava , Updated Oct 31, 2016 01:56 PM EDT

Updates about Michael Schumacher's health have been heartbreaking, leaving fans to worry about the Formula One superstar's condition. While his 2013 injury was never hidden from the public, his family is now requesting for a media blackout regarding the F1 legend's current state.

Michael Schumacher Health News & Update: Formula One Superstar Condition After Accident Worries Fans, Family of F1 Legend Wants Media Blackout

Celebrities always feel that they owe their fans updates about their lives. Whether they're experiencing good or bad moments, fans are always eager to know more about it, and celebrities normally give in and share these happenings with them.

So when F1 legend Michael Schumacher suffered a severe head injury on Dec. 29, 2013 due to his skiing accident at the French Alps, the heartbreaking incident was highly publicized. The transparency was made as the family believed that the fans of both Michael Schumacher and Formula One deserves to know what happened to the German racer.

Michael Schumacher Health News & Update: Formula One Legend's Condition Still Uncertain, Family of F1 Star Requests For Privacy

Now, it seems that Michael Schumacher's family has a change of heart and hoped for the media and fans to respect their privacy. The recovery of the 47-year-old F1 star's recovery allegedly remains bleak, which is probably the reason why his family wants to focus on his health more rather than telling everyone about his condition in press releases.

To mark his first world championship title on Nov. 13, Michael Schumacher's family posted a message on his official Facebook page to announce the anniversary of his epic win. The post was then accompanied with a #TeamMichael hashtag.

"Welcome everyone to Michael's paddock! We love to share memories with you and what better start could there be than the upcoming anniversary of Michael's first world championship title," the Facebook post read. "From November 13 this page will be our meeting place to collect and exchange memories and to celebrate Michael's many achievements, established as a thank you gesture to all you wonderful fans."

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