'Forza Horizon' 1000 Club Expansion Is Free

By Chris LeJohn , Updated Apr 16, 2013 05:00 PM EDT

"Forza Horizon" is a game about driving fast cars on sleek tracks. Now developor Turn10 is giving you more things to do with those cars on those sleek tracks with the1000 Club Expansion. In addition, there are two new cars and 10 new achievements.

With the 1000 Club Expansion, which is free, every car in Forza Horizon will have new challenges associated with it giving you thousands of trials. You can test your skills on things like drifting and speed zone challenges.

The expansion pack will also include 10 new Xbox Live achievements to collect worth 250 points. The expansion also gives you two new cars: the 1995 RUF CTR2 and 1956 Ford F100.

There are also new location-based challenges that extend throughout Colorado, where the game is set. Did we mention that it's free? Because it is. While a lot of these add-ons can be completed with the on-disc car roster there might be some requirements to download additional car packs in order to suit your craving, so buyer beware. Of the free DLC.

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