'Rogue Legacy' Is A 'Castlevania' Inspired Rogue-Like Looking For Help

By Trevor Ruben , Updated Apr 16, 2013 07:45 PM EDT

So hey, check out this trailer for this new cool game called "Rogue Legacy." Developer Cellar Door Games has been working on this title for over a year, revealing it today in conjunction with its application for Steam Greenlight. It's up now, so vote for it if you want. Or don't.

Anybody who's into rogue-likes - "The Binding of Isaac" or "Spelunky," for example - should at least give it a look. Cellar Door Games is calling it a "rogue-lite," referring to the player's ability to power up generation after generation of hero (each restart), theoretically making it easier to progress further and further. It's actually a bit like "infinity Blade" in that regard, only every new generation of character is stricken with a new attribute, whether its dwarfishness, color-blindness or something that actually helps you (the opposite of dwarfishness). Players also choose from one of nine classes at the beginning of each run.

An added bonus - the game is already done, according to the Greenlight page. All they need is the go-ahead from Steam.

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