‘Space Rift’ Release Date, News & Update: Joining PlayStation VR Games This November; Oculus, HTC Vive Already Available Through Steam

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 01, 2016 09:00 PM EDT

With still half a month waiting time for the upcoming PlayStation VR title "Space Rift," the gaming community is beginning to scrub details about this addendum to limited VR library.

What we know so far is that "Space Rift" is going to utilize a reverse approach for their introductory marketing campaign. It is because bitComposer Interactive decided to make the full version available first then a demo later. This approach is somewhat unorthodox in the gaming community but it received positive response from expectants.

According to Reddit user withoutapaddle, bitComposer Interactive made a sensible decision in making a late demo. This means reluctant gamers will have sufficient time to decide before purchase of "Space Rift." Even so, everybody is expecting that those with funds will jump ahead to provide important and accurate reviews about the title. Even the developer can buy ample time to polish the game for flawless demo.

There are several discussions in subReddit PlayStation VR and it is the most of what are available for gamers as of now. What is clear is that "Space Rift" is going to be released in series of episodes. The first one is already available for Oculus and HTC Vive gamers through Steam. For PlayStation VR, they have to wait until Nov 15th.

Meanwhile, Power up Gaming provided a glimpse of plot that "Space Rift" is traversing. The storyline was ingeniously weaved in post-apocalyptic earth where human race has already relocated to Mars. Humans were forced colonize the red planet after a devastating meteor shower that left earth as hostile planet. This colony is being run by dual leadership of PANDORA and WEYSS.

So where is the "Space Rift" fun part? Players will have to take the rebel persona of pilot Casey Black who needs to mine resources that could lead to earth's salvation. Will he be able to defeat the leaders of Mars and reclaim the earth? Let us all find out on Nov 15 when he finally invades PlayStation VR.

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