'Owlboy' Latest News & Updates: New Game From D-Pad Studio, Game About Failure, Story Has A Deeper Meaning

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Nov 02, 2016 06:10 AM EDT

After nine years of development by D-Pad Studio, "Owlboy" has been released during the Halloween. It is now available in PCs via GOG.com, Steam and the Humble Store.

"Owlboy" is an adventure game that allows the players to fly and wander around a new world above the clouds. You can also go on an adventure with your friends and overcome obstacles as well as fight those dangerous enemies.

The player controls Otus the owl. Due to the appearance of sky pirates, things went from bad to worse in the aerial realm of Vellie. According to Polygon, the game is actually all about failure. Of course, the boy is the hero in the game. But heroes do fail, but it is not yet the end of the journey.

Journey to the infested ruins is what follows after achieving some missions of the game. There are also hidden secrets that one should find out. "Owlboy" allows you to experience the open world having a unique combination of flight and platforming.

Since it allows you to recruit some of your friends to fight for you, it is an enjoyable game for multiplayer mode. Each of the characters of the game has their own unique stories and abilities.

According to Gematsu, you can also journey through large dungeons where big and challenging battles await. According to a review from Indie Games, the game is beautiful, charming, striking, stunning and wonderful. Furthermore, the author described it as having fun puzzles, great combat with unique abilities, a touching story and beautiful game environments.


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