'Pokken Tournament' Release Date News & Update: Croagunk Revealed As A New Character; No Further Announcement For DLC?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 02, 2016 04:12 PM EDT

Bandai Namco announced that Croagunk will be the latest Pokemon joining the Japanese arcade version of "Pokken Tournament". The fighting-poison-type frog Pokemon will be a playable character on November 10.

The minute long trailer was released by Bandai showing Croagunk in action that used most close attacks for the "Pokken Tournament". According to WWG, the mischevious personality of Croagunk was also displayed that was taunting foes and mugging the camera.

The Pokken Tournament trailer of Croagunk we also get a preview of Croagunk's ultimate "Synergy Burst" attack where he creates a number of clones using Double team that pins down the opponent. Reports by iDigital Time indicates that Croagunkt in "Pokken Tournament" will be a Speed Type that uses a lot of projectiles including Poison Jabs and Rock Throw.

As for those wondering, Croagunk Support Pokemon will still be around. The player can have a Croagunk be supported by another Croagunk. Earlier last month, Scizor was introduced in the "Pokken Tournament" as the first steel-bug-type Pokemon. Scizor was first seen in the Gold and Silver era with the evolution of Scyther according to Attack of the Fan Boy.

"Pokken Tournament" fans were expecting Empoleon to be the next playable character in the game. Croagunk originally appeared as a support character and players were not expecting it to be a featured character.

The three new playable characters were leaked by the dataminers but only two were officially announced for the game. Bandai Namco has not yet announced whether Croagunk or any of the currently announced Pokemon will appear in the Wii U version of "Pokken Tournament".

The fans are expecting Bandai Namco to release the Pokemon characters as a downloadable content. "Pokken Tournament" was also taken out from the Pokemon Company's 2017 competitive circuit. There are still no new updates on the way.

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