‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: ‘Hey Monster’ Helps Players Catch Ant Talk With Pocket Monsters

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 03, 2016 12:22 PM EDT

Niantic has yet to release the updated version of “Pokemon Go”, something that will hopefully be a lot better and worth the (playing) time. Until that time comes, some folks may be on the prowl for something similar like this fan-made mobile game app, “Hey Monster”.

“Hey Monster” is a game app that comes close to what “Pokemon Go” has to offer. It offers the same pocket monster-capturing intent though the difference is that players can interact with the critters.

Aside from that, the characters on “Hey Monster” are marvelously represented in 3D. The Pokemon critters used for the game are taken from “Pokemon X and Y”, all rendered in an impressive graphical display without compromising the creatures and the game as a whole, according to reports.

The best part about “Hey Monster” is that it is free. It is available from the Google Play Store at the moment with a version for iOS following soon. Similar to “Pokemon Go” and other mobile gaming app, there are optional in-game purchases as well. Depending on how addicted a player is, be guided that the pricing for items in the store doesn't come cheap.

Seeing some of the similarities it has to offer compared to “Pokemon Go”, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Niantic steps in to spoil the fan-made game’s existence. Then again and similar to its lackadaisical move to improve the augmented reality game, expect some gamers to try out “Hey Monster” as long as it is up and available.

As mentioned in a previous post, “Pokemon Go” did get some reprieve when some gamers returned for the Halloween though this was mostly because of the first and special in-game event. Now that the season of the spooks is over and done with, a drop in the active player count is more than likely to occur.

Most are awaiting the next version of “Pokemon Go”, hopefully with new features to entice players. Among the ones expected include Pokemon Trading and Gym Battles plus hopefully more.

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