Google Removes Android Apps That Steal Facebook Passwords: How to Retrieve Compromised Account, Avoid Suspecting Apps

Google Removes Android Apps That Steal Facebook Passwords: How to Retrieve Compromised Account, Avoid Suspecting Apps

Google remove nine Android smartphone apps in their Play Store for suspected malware inside. The apps, ranging from app locks to phone optimizationapps to horoscope reading apps, are riddled with said malware that can snatch the victim's Facebook log-in credentials.

by Staff Reporter

Premiere Of OWN's 'Queen Sugar' - Arrivals

‘Oprah Winfrey’ Network Latest News:& Updates: First Free Mobile Game ‘Bold Moves’ For Android Hits Big On Google Play Store!

Oprah Winfrey Network uses the name of the famous ceebrity to popularize their own developed game, "Bold Moves."

by Kristeine Lim

How To Update the Google Play Store Manually to 4.0.25 (4.3.11) and First Look!

Google Play Store Latest News & Update: Users Beware! Many Android Free Apps Are Sharing Users' Information

Some free Android apps in Google Play Store are violating the Google policy guidelines by sharing users' information.

by Gloven Ramos

Android Apps Made Me Love my Asus Chromebook Flip

Chrome OS News & Update: ChromeBooks Sports New Material Design! Should We Expect For A Stable Release?

Chrome OS sports some changes on its material design under Developer's Channel.

by M PEO

Illustrator'da Logo - Google Play

‘Google Play Store' Latest News & Update: Play Store Abandon Android 2.3.0 Gingerbread

Google Play Store stopped supporting Android 2.3.0 Gingerbread on its new version GPS 10.0.0.

by Gloven Ramos

Amazon Holds News Conference

Amazon Latest News & Update: Judge Orders Amazon To Refund Children's Unauthorized In-App Purchases

A Seattle based judge has ordered Amazon to refund unauthorized purchases made by children through in-app content.

by Ceage Sotto

 Google Holds Press Event Announcing New Products

Google Play Store News & Updates: Google Rolls Out New UI And Enhanced Detection System Vs Hackers

It has been a year since Google Play Store got its UI update. As such, Google has been experimenting a new look for Google Play. Some minor updates have begun rolling out to some devices.

by Marrianne Salvador ledesma

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Release Date, Preorders and Updates: Smartwatch Releasing this Months; Specs and Price Details

The Samsung Gear S3 is now available for preorders. It is expected to be released by the middle of the month.

by Nens Mitchell

Japanese Anime Craze Hits Hong Kong

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: ‘Hey Monster’ Helps Players Catch Ant Talk With Pocket Monsters

“Pokemon Go” has been losing some players mainly because there is nothing more to do than catch monsters and try to conquer gyms to name a few. With recurring game play, fans may have come up with a curious alternative in “Hey Monster” where gamers can interact with creatures.

by Snooky Grawls

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

'Pokemon Go' Latest News, Updates, and Tips: Now Available In UK; Pokemon Go Plus Having Release Issues?

"Pokemon Go" is now available in the UK via Apple App Store and Google Play Store. "Pokemon Go" Plus will be released this October.

by Clarice F. Bernardo

Pokemon GO Fans Converge At Sydney Opera House

'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Avoid Being Banned! Know The Prohibited Cheats, Tricks & Its Consequences Here!

Be very careful when using cheats on "Pokemon Go" as Niantic will impose a proper action for that.

by Jeanne Anne

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