Scalebound Release Date, Gameplay and System Requirements: Get Up Close and Personal With Dragons

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 03, 2016 08:41 PM EDT

Osaka Studio Platinum Games has just announced the Scalebound release date and it is not good news for some fans. The game was supposed to be release later in 2016 but now it seems that it has been delayed for a 2017 release.

A few of the key developers of  Scalebound at Platinum Games, have expressed the necessity as to why the release date has been moved. In order to make sure that the thrill of the gameplay and the other innovative features they are developing will be just right, they had no choice but to opt for a 2017 Scalebound release date.

The game development is going really well according to the developers and its slowly coming together. Scalebound is one of their biggest games in development and Platinum Games couldn't have beem more happy to be able to work on their dream game.

Compared to other RPGs, Scalebound will actually let you have your own dragon and you will be able to control it in any possible way. You will be playing Drew, a young loner, who gets pulled into the world of Draconis. He bonds with his dragon Thuban who he finds out, is the last of his kind. As the game progresses, Drew's arm slowly becomes similar to the dragon paw and will grow scales to match Thuban.

Fans are excited about more news about the Scalebound release date and to finally go on the epic adventure. The game is full of explorations, inventive multiplayer games with action-packed battles. The world of Scalebound is constantly evolving and beautiful.

The Scalebound release was initially only set for Xbox One but at E3 2016, the team revealed that a PC launch was also in the works. This added to the excitement of the fans because the Xbox Play Anywhere scheme can allow a player to continue where they left off on either one of the platforms. If you purchase the game on either one, you'll automatically be given the game for both platforms.

Until the Scalebound release date is officially announced, fans will just have to check on the recent news about its gameplay and updates.

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