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NINTENDO SWITCH - New Console Trailer

Nintendo Switch Latest News & Updates: Hands On Schedule Finally Announced

Nov 30, 2016 09:29 PM EST

Nintendo is finally announcing details about their latest console and fans may have a release date soon.

Final Fantasy XV Review

'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Updates: How To Master Your Combat Skills

Nov 30, 2016 09:27 PM EST

'Final Fantasy XV' game play is fast-paced and players can manage 4 different weapons at once and it looks more like a fighting game than the usual turn-based battles.

Game of Thrones 6x10 Promo

'Game of Thrones' Latest News & Updates: 'WInds Of Winter' To be Released in 2017?

Nov 30, 2016 05:47 PM EST

Game of Thrones Winds of Winter will not be announced anytime soon. George R. R. Martin has just confirmed that he will still be working on finishing the book in 2017.

Assassin's Creed - Trailer World Premiere

'Assasin's Creed' Release Date. News & Updates: A Sequel and VR Experience are Coming

Nov 30, 2016 05:46 PM EST

Assasin's Creed is not yet released but a sequel is already being planned.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer #3 (2016) Felicity Jones Movie HD

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Latest News & Updates: Why Was There A Massive Reshoot?

Nov 30, 2016 05:45 PM EST

A massive re-shoot was ordered after initial screenings of the "Rogue One".

NES Classic Edition: Unboxing & Review + Giveaway!

NES Classic Latest News & Updates: Cheaper Options & Give Aways

Nov 30, 2016 05:44 PM EST

If you do not have the NES Classic yet, do not fret. There are recent news that stores will be restocked soon and there are even give aways to be found.

Super Mario Run: Easter Eggs, Analysis, and Things Missed

'Super Mario Run' Release Date, News & Updates: Will Mario Beat Pokemon Go?

Nov 30, 2016 05:17 PM EST

According to analysts, they will have to do more than build a great game if they want "Super Mario Run" to catch up to "Pokemon Go."


'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2' Release Date, News & Updates: StarLord Meets His Father?

Nov 30, 2016 05:16 PM EST

Guardians of the Galaxy will be coming in theaters soon and fans might be seeing new member of the Guardians and Star Lord will finally meet his father.

Clash of Clans: Hog Rider 360°

'Clash Of Clans' Latest News & Updates: VR Update Will Be Released Soon

Nov 30, 2016 05:13 PM EST

"Clash of Clans" will apparently have the ability to enter the world of virtual reality.

Final Fantasy XV Review

'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Updates: Tips And Tricks To Survive

Nov 30, 2016 05:11 PM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" game is a bit different than its predecessors which the gamers noticed.

Top 5 Future Changes For Street Fighter 5

'Street Fighter 5' Latest News & Updates: Support Will Continue Until 2020 But Some Characters Are Leaving?

Nov 30, 2016 05:08 PM EST

"Street Fighter 5" will be receiving support until 2020 and one of the team goals is to have more tournaments.

‘Clash of Clans’ December Update 2016 might be delayed until January 2017 as Supercell tries to polish the game's VR feature.

'Clash Of Clans' Latest News: Update Will Be Delayed, Is Supercell Cracking From Pressure?

Nov 30, 2016 05:05 PM EST

'Clash Of Clans' has not posted or confirmed any of the latest news about their game. Fans are getting worried if they will indeed update on December or delay it for a January release.

Final Fantasy XV Review

'Final Fantasy XV' Release Date, News & Updates: Was It Worth The Wait?

Nov 30, 2016 03:40 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" has just been released and fans are now going on a road trip with Noctis and friends, enjoying the updated gameplay with action packed battles and better adventures and quests.

Microsoft Surface Devices Rumored For 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, News & Updates: Microsoft Not Satisfied With One, Develops Two Versions

Nov 30, 2016 03:07 AM EST

The Microsoft Surface Phone flagship unit of Microsoft is reportedly developing multiple prototypes with high level features.

Galaxy S8 Rumors:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, News & Update: Launch Date Delayed Due To Major Changes?

Nov 30, 2016 02:54 AM EST

Reports have been saying that the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch date will be delayed due to the major changes that they are adapting.

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