'Titanfall 2' Latest News & Update: EA, Respawn Opt for Free DLC to Build Franchise-Loyal Gaming Community

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 03, 2016 08:44 PM EDT

Electronic Arts aims to keep the growing support for "Titanfall 2" in many years to come so they opted together with developer Respawn to give its growing community free content and DLC.

Both EA bosses Andrew Wilson and Blake Jorgensen sang a singular tune when asked why "Titanfall 2" promised to give even future contents for free upon purchase of this title. When Wilson started talking about the ethos behind EA's decision, he points back to strong market support that "Titanfall 2" is reaping. Wilson also admits that there is a possibility that this free content marketing strategy can impact other games in the future. However, to offer great value to those who purchase the game is no bad thing either.

Meanwhile, Dual Shockers reported Jorgensen's views about "Titanfall 2" free content. He said that the franchise with Respawn is still in its budding state. While the developer is a full-pledged AAA games provider, there are fantastic opportunities that can happen in the future from this collaboration. Therefore, EA decided to support this Respawn's vision through expansion into untraversed free DLC field.

Jorgensen also cited that some of their popular franchises like "FIFA" and "Madden" are going stronger since the day they invaded the market. Call it an experiment, but "Titanfall 2" is going to be built on new foundation where existing and potential players can be a part of. Jorgensen added that players were assured that future DLC and contents wouldn't look half-baked, given its free nature. Remember that EA-Respawn franchise-building for "Titanfall2" is on the fly so expect everything that both can throw in at the game.

Come to think of it, triple-A games like "Titanfall 2" are flourishing in the gaming market because they were given ample flexibility. These games have sufficient air to breath freely and so they were able to build their own community. So while "Titanfall 2" community is growing and demand is already in place, then EA and Respawn will decide later when to unleash a sequel.

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