How To Duplicate Weapons And Bring In The Cash For 'Dead Island: Riptide' [CHEATS]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Apr 24, 2013 08:32 AM EDT

Dead Island: Riptide just arrived on Tuesday, and players have wasted no time in finding some of the game's exploits making killing zombies...again...that much easier.

As much fun as it is to bash the brains in of some undead corpse in a tropical paradise is, it's not without its share of setbacks. You've scraped and scrounged, saved all your cash, and finally got the perfect weapon, only to lose it somewhere along the way.

Youtuber DeathMule found a way around this, so you don't have to risk losing your precious modded out Tijuana machete. Essentially, it goes as follows:

1. Pick out the weapon you want to have duplicated. 

2. While you equip it, hold down the right trigger, and press the left trigger to throw the weapon.

3. When the weapon is mid flight, presumably on its way into the skull of some unwary walking corpse, press the back button to go back into your inventory and unequip the weapon you're currently throwing. 

4. Leave the inventory menu and pick up the weapon you threw. Check the inventory again, and if everything worked out, the weapon should be duplicated.

Best to take advantage of this before a patch is introduced. In addition to saving your best weapon, you can also re-sell the duplicates to merchants to rack up your cash. The glitch doesn't seem to work on PC versions however, sorry folks.

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