Microsoft Surface Studio Release Date, Specs & Price: Device Features Best For Artists? Competition Starts Spawning?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 04, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

The Microsoft Surface Studio device may be the next big thing to date for all the digital artists out there. However, the competition may not be too easily won as other companies may be eyeing to level, if not, to beat Microsoft's entry.

As Microsoft's Surface Studio may be going for something big, the features detailed are not anything less than spectacular -- some may even land as odd. For those who wish to avail the rather promising piece of hardware, a quick rundown on the device's specs may be in order.

According to recent reports, the Microsoft Surface Studio dons a 28-inch PixelSense touchscreen which can support 10-point multitouch, but it does not end there. With a resolution of 4500 x 3,000, the pixels' ultra HD capacity works at 192 pixels per inch, which is more than most 4K monitors but less than the Apple Retina iMac. Nonetheless, where the Surface Studio stands still holds an advantage compared to the conventional 4K monitors that provide 160 pixels per inch.

As for what makes the Microsoft Surface Studio unique at some point, Microsoft delivered a 3:2 aspect ratio which immensely swerves off the usual 16:9. Generally, it shows a more squared design instead of the rectangular outline which is comparable to a canvas' measurement.

There is more to look out for when it comes to the likes of the Microsoft Surface Studio, however. A Twitter post by Dell shows how they are to release something identical to the product, known as the Smart Desk. This is one product that is not entirely like the Surface Studio, given that it is slightly more complex and leans more towards a regular computer monitor instead.

All artists alike could potentially create more with the Microsoft Surface Studio. For those looking to pre-order, the device can be tilted on radical angles with ease and comes with a turning mechanism known as the Surface Dial. That being said, those who are full-fledged with purchasing this magnificent hardware can rest assured that its capacity is up to par with today's growing technology.

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