'Halo 6' Gameplay, Game Features & Other Details: Team Behind Game Spills Hints on Story; Title Possible for Windows 10?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 04, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

"Halo 6" is still quite a long shot to call, but the idea is still quite fresh and the team behind it have spoken on some potential feats that the game could partake. One influential factor is "Halo Wars 2," which at this point is at its peak.

As some may know, "Halo 6" is yet to be fully surfaced since the existing "Halo 5: Guardians" shows no signs of weakness for the time being. Recent conversations with the team detail how there are some smaller concerns to put into account regarding the said sixth title.

According to past interviews with Game Spot, the team behind "Halo Wars 2" divulged that whatever will happen to the said title could ultimately affect the future of the franchise. In this case, 343 Industries Narrative Design Director Kevin Grace and 343 Industries Art Director Jeremy Cook were rigid in answering where they would potentially pick up "Halo 6" from. As per Grace, the script starts from the conclusion of the first, which has over 28 years of events before the build of the upcoming game.

Moreover, "Halo 6" is said to have a massive connection to the fifth title as per Grace, but spilling such information now would spoil almost everything. Other than such, very little is to be released about the sixth installment, though Xbox may have spilled something relevant to it. PC Gamer reported that Phil Spencer intends to release future games not only for the consoles but also for the Windows 10.

Despite "Halo Wars 2" and "Halo 6" still being quite far from a release, some hints that have pointed to their entirety have continued to emerge. For the time being, fans are suggested upon to take everything with a grain of salt. "Halo 5: Guardians" will have to suffice for now, as 343 Industries may have further plans for the whole franchise in due time.

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