'Earth's Dawn' Latest News & Updates: Now Available on Xbox One, Why Is There A Need To Defeat The E.B.E?

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Nov 05, 2016 11:02 AM EDT

"Earth's Dawn" is finally out on Xbox One and gamers are very happy about it. This game is a combination of action and fashion that builds a memorable and great experience.

It is intended to promote more traditional RPG elements that contain a fully action-oriented battle system.  An article from Hardcoregamer questioned whether or not the game has succeeded a Frankenstein genre.

In "Earth's Dawn", aliens invade the earth and are causing death and destruction. The aliens are called E.B.E and they destroyed a large portion of the Earth after humans have enjoyed the serenity of life for many years.

The E.B.E however enjoyed destroying a good portion of the civilized society that they are entirely impervious with the current weaponry. Due to that, humans find their way to fight the enemies by making new weapons using E.B.E's technology including the use of biotech suits.

The customization of the characters in "Earth's Dawn" may not be as fast as any other RPGs but gamers have the freedom to choose and design the character according to one's style. Both male and female characters are also available with many heads to choose from.

The next move of the E.B.E is being told by a non-player character in the game through cut scenes. There are also missions that players should accomplish in order to advance through the game- either by defeating an enemy boss or by reaching an area end point.

The players are allowed for a right and left hand attack with default equipment- a gun and a sword. Yet the developer attempted to add various weapons to battle in "Earth's Dawn".

The main plot of "Earth's Dawn" is how enemies can be defeated using their own technology- the E.B.E technology. It should also be noted according to Geeky Gadgets that every time an enemy is defeated, there are random items that could be collected and used to form another weapon or perhaps, armor.

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