Nintendo's NES Classic Edition Console Cord Review, Specs & Details: Cord Too Short? MyArcade Provides Solutions

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 04, 2016 10:51 PM EDT

Nintendo's NES Classic Edition Console is the latest version of the original NES of 1985. Users can just plug it into their TV and play games through its controllers. However, NES Classic Edition console's cord is too short. See below the solutions from MyArcade.

NES Classic Edition Latest News & Update: Accessories Included In The Box

When players purchase NES Classic Edition Console, included in the box are the NES Classic Edition System, One NES Classic Controller, HDMI cable, AC adapter and 30 pre-installed games. According to IGN, the console's cord is too short to the point that it limits how players can play games. It is only 2.5 feet or 36 inches and Nintendo does not sell any extension cables or wireless controllers. If only the cord is not short or if it's wireless, everything would be perfect.

NES Classic Edition Latest News & Update: MyArcade Offers NES Classic Products

Players need to sit very close to the television and sit on the floor. However, MyArcade provides solutions for this dilemma. According to Venturebeat, the retro-gaming manufacturer, MyArcade, offers NES Classic products like the Extender Cable for $10, Gamepad Classic for $15, and Gamepad Pro for $20. These allow players to sit further away from the TV and bring in another player in the games.

The Gamepad Pro allows you to play 30 feet away from the TV. It can also be played with Wii and Wii U. Unlike the standard NES joypad, Gamepad Pro has more buttons. On the other hand, the Gamepad Classic is not only wireless but it also features D-pad and buttons for A, B, Start and Select. With these wired controllers, players have zero input lag when playing games.

With the additional products, playing games in the NES Classic Edition Console is better. Players can now play games in the NES era like Super Mario, Legend of Zelda and Mega Man 2.

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