‘Clash Royale’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: King’s Cup Competition Kicks Off Tomorrow via YouTube Gaming; More Details on Acing the Game!

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 05, 2016 07:00 AM EDT

Scheduled tomorrow, November 6, is the "Clash Royale" King's Cup, the first eSports tournament hosted by YouTube Gaming. With this in mind, we've come up with two basic "Clash Royale" tips & tricks to get you started on the popular card game. But first, here's an update on tomorrow's tournament.

King's Cup Live, a YouTube Gaming-hosted tournament will kick off Sunday in Los Angeles. After three heats, winners will be awarded with a $100,000 prize pool. Tomorrow's event will feature YouTube's top gaming creators. "Clash" players will be competing against Orange Juice, Nickatnyte, Chief Pat, Alvaro845, Godson, Ddotty, ClashWithAsh and GamingWithMolt. This is a big deal for fans of the game because various "Clash Royale" tips & tricks will be hinted by pro gamers themselves.

Given not all of us can partake on what's about to take place in LA tomorrow, YouTube Gaming has granted us access to the event through live streaming, which you can see here. Meanwhile, here's two important "Clash Royale" tips & tricks for absolute beginners.

Gold is of the Essence

Unlike "Clash of Clans," "Clash Royale" players don't farm gold; instead, they earn it. Gold is gained by winning battles and from your daily chest. Note that if you win more battles, you can unlock more gold chests. To emphasize one of the most important "Clash Royale" tips & tricks: spend your gold wisely.

Mix Up Your Deck

An important element in the list of "Clash Royale" tips & tricks is to carry a variety in your battle deck. Carry both high and low Elixir troops and don't forget air and ground either. This allows you to have as many options as you can. In addition, don't pack on too many 5's and have all 2-3's. They are more expensive and they take longer. You'll find yourself overrun pretty quickly. The key is balance and variety.

More information on tomorrow's event can be viewed at "Clash Royale" King's Cup official website. If you think your skills aren't tournament-ready yet, the abovementioned "Clash Royale" tips & tricks will do you good.

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