'Overwatch' Release Date, News & Update: New Arcade Replacing Brawls, Offering New Modes & Awesome Rewards

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Nov 05, 2016 07:13 AM EDT

Yesterday's BlizzCon offered new intel on Blizzard's "Overwatch," which is receiving the new Arcade replacing Brawls. The new area in the game is also offering new modes and awesome rewards, per the studio. The studio has taken to Twitter to share it is currently working on new maps, new modes, and "new ways to fight for the future."

According to the Twitter post, Blizzard is introducing a new arena map called "Antarctica," a new control map called "Oasis," and a new way to play called "Arcade," that's replacing Brawls. The new "Overwatch" Arcade mode will enable fans to still enjoy Brawls, which is now part of Arcade. However, fans will also be able to enjoy a slew of other new modes.

GameSpot reports that the new Arcade in "Overwatch" will feature a "1v1 Mystery Duel," in which gamers will be given a random character to play for nine rounds. The match will take place in the new map, "Antarctica." The "3v3 Elimination will let gamers choose their own character, but will have to stick to that character for five rounds. In "6v6 Mystery Heroes," gamers will be assigned a character, while in "6v6 No Limits," gamers will be able to stack teams with more than one iteration of a character. Lastly, "All Brawls" will feature the Brawl games that players have grown to love.

According to Polygon, the new Arcade replacing Brawls will also give "Overwatch" players a chance to earn Loot Box rewards. For every three games a player plays, "Overwatch" will reward you with a Loot Box. Note that the awarding of Loot Boxes will only happen three times per week and that a player's progress will be reset on a fixed day.

What do you think about "Overwatch" new Arcade replacing Brawls? Comment below on what you'd like to see in Arcade when it arrives to "Overwatch" next week.

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