'Starcraft 2' Latest News & Update: Blizzcon 2016 Announcement Unveils Massive Update By 2017 - New Content, Maps, Commanders [Details]

By LA Zamora , Updated Nov 07, 2016 07:39 AM EST

The internet is abuzz with "Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty" or simply "Starcraft 2" news and updates. Although it has been a while since "Starcraft 2" has been released, the announcement of possible upcoming updates for 2017 has peaked the interest and curiosity of the players.

'Starcraft 2' Latest News & Update

It appears that "Starcraft 2" might be getting a major overhaul in 2017. According to Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA Games, the company is planning major updates for the popular game that involves a wide range of player population.

During the Blizzcon opening ceremony, the players received great news that "Starcraft 2" will be getting a whole new set of updates and content. The "Starcraft 2" updates will reportedly take the long-running game to a higher level and give the players a whole new gaming experience.

'Starcraft 2' Latest Update: New Commander In Cooperative Mode

A new character is reportedly coming to "Starcraft 2" latest update in the cooperative mode. Alexi Stukov, part Terran, part Zerg, will reportedly fill-in the shoes of the newest commander in "Starcraft 2."

The main gist of Alexi Stukov's leadership culminate in the siege tanks, which are notably equipped with tentacles. Since Alixi Stukov is part Zerg and part Terran, the siege tanks' design is also expected to exude the hybrid combination of Zergs and Terrans in "Starcraft 2".

'Starcraft 2' Latest News: Two New Maps Coming

The upcoming updates for "Starcraft 2" are reportedly very comprehensive and include two new maps for players to explore and enjoy. The first map is called Miner Evacuation and the second is called Dead Of Night.

Miner Evacuation is basically comprised of challenges and obstacles in a planet full of infested units. The concept of the map-based challenge basically takes after the name of the map -- players have to successfully transport the miners and ensue safe evacuation by protecting their shuttles.

The Dead Of Night map is technically not considered as a new map because it takes off from Left2Die that was released in 2011. Players have to work around the in-game challenges amid the mutant infestation surrounding them. 

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