Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Specs & Update: Smartphone Be Released Soon; New Design & Artificial Intelligence Incorporated

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 07, 2016 06:14 AM EST

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will release a new and better smartphone, Galaxy S8. This model comes with remarkable changes and artificial intelligence.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest News: Artificial Intelligence Launched

According to Reuters, Samsung announced on Sunday that it would release the new Galaxy S8, which is incorporated with artificial intelligence digital assistant service. They plan to incorporate Viv Artificial Intelligence platform of San Jose-based Company into the smartphone. Artificial Intelligence is the same feature that Microsoft and Google will use in "Starwars II."

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features: AI Revives The Moment From Galaxy Note 7's Collapse; Voice-assistant Services Expanded

Galaxy S8's Artificial Intelligence feature expands the smartphone's voice-assistant services to home appliances and wearable technology devices. It revives the smartphone's momentum from the previous Galaxy Note collapse and differentiates Galaxy S8 from it. The Verge reports that Samsung still has no idea of the specific scientific reason that caused Galaxy Note 7 batteries to explode. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 collapse has caused the company to lose more than $5 billion. But this does not stop Samsung. It encourages the company to release better smartphones in the future such as Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest News & Update: Smartphone Release Date & Target Profit

Samsung targets $5.4 billion profit through Galaxy S8. They predict that the newest smartphone with Artificial Intelligence will hit this target over three-quarters through January to March of 2017. Samsung Electronics' vice chairman and board member who is also the apparent heir to the company Lee Jae-Yong, told the Wall Street Journal that Galaxy S8 will hit markets next year. Sources tipped that it will be released on February 26, 2017. It will come with a better design and an improved camera. The company also promised that it will have a better AI.

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