‘Nintendo Switch’ Release Date, News & Update: New ‘Super Mario’ Game To Focus On Exploration?

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 07, 2016 06:37 AM EST

With the upcoming release of the new Nintendo Switch, avid gamers are already looking forward to the new gaming titles that will be released for the said console. Latest news indicate that the "Super Mario" game featured in the console's preview clip will provide a different kind of gaming experience.

A "Super Mario" game was just one of the gaming titles included in the Nintendo Switch preview clip. Released on Oct. 20, the said video included a quick glimpse of the iconic plumber running on what appears to be a desert location with several colorful buildings.

Nintendo has yet to divulge details of the said game and its gameplay features. However, gaming enthusiast Emily Rogers revealed some interesting details about the upcoming "Super Mario" game. In a series of Twitter messages, as cited by Game Zone, Rogers stated the game's upcoming Switch version will have more exploration features as compared to other "Mario" titles such as "Galaxy" and "3D World."

Rogers also commented that the new "Super Mario" game may even be ready for release at the same time that Nintendo will launch its new console. Apart from the said game, the latest addition to the "Legend of Zelda" gaming franchise is also speculated for launch in the first quarter of 2017.

However, it is still unclear if Rogers' gaming spoilers for the new "Super Mario" game is accurate. Nintendo has yet to comment on the said news.

In other news, many gaming fans have expressed curiosity about the Nintendo Switch and its features. The Switch's preview clip may have showed the device's hybrid design that highlighted its portability, but the unit's specifications was not revealed.

Several reports have hinted of the device's capacitive multi-touch screen, a USB-C port, IR sensors and support for Micro SDXC cards. The Switch's price point is also speculated to be around $299 which is cheaper than the Wii U but higher than the Wii.

The Nintendo Switch is expected for release in March 2017. Learn some of its features in the clip below: 

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