Microsoft 10 Windows Latest News 2016: Unified Update Platform Introduced for Faster System Updates

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Nov 07, 2016 08:09 PM EST

Updating Windows 10 will now be easier. Thanks to the Unified Update Platform introduced by Microsoft.

Simply dubbed as UUP, the platform was designed to reduce the processes that a Windows user has to go through when updating the operating system. It also has the capacity to make updates possible on smartphones running on Windows.

Updates consume time

Many Windows users usually complain that updating their system usually eat up a lot of their time. Even if they want to, those using Windows cannot just ignore these updates because they are important in the performance of their devices.

Windows Insider Program director of program management Bill Karagounis also explained that the platform will only prompt users of the updates necessary for their gadgets. "Because more processing is being done by the service, this will lead to faster checks for update operations," Karagounis added.

What will happen with the next updates?

The updates on the Windows 10 OS have reportedly been made as replacements starting at 3GB which users need to reinstall to their devices. This is expected to be maintained until the March 2017 refresh dubbed as the Creators Update.

However, Karagounis explained that the update after this one will already be a small one as it would only make "differential" updates. The Windows director noted that this will come with minor changes only and not the overall build of the system.

When will the UUP become available?

After introducing this new system, Microsoft is expected to utilize the UUP before the year ends. The company is still expected to run tests on the platform before releasing it for the public to try.

Introducing this new technology will surely be a big help to Windows users who spend a lot of time waiting for their OS to update. Are you also looking forward to the coming of this UUP?

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