'Warcraft' Latest News & Update: Blizzard has No Plan to Revive Original 'Warcraft,' 'Diablo II,' 'Starcraft'

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 08, 2016 07:37 PM EST

Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce himself confirmed that the game developer has no plan to make a revamped nor remastered version for the first two iterations of "Warcraft" and it is better to move on with succeeding titles in the series.

While exploring the possibilities of remastered "Warcraft" seems like a mouth-watering idea, Pearce said that the foremost reason that developers shy away from this option is the amount of labor needed compared to simply developing from scratch. There are technical issues as well like source code and assets that needs unlocking and figuring out, Pearce added.

Pearce admitted that they have toyed with the idea and a dedicated team tried to pry into "Warcraft" source code and assets, specifically from the very first in the series. Pearce added that he personally played the game when they were able to make it run in windows but soon realized that it can't live through today's gaming standards, GameSpot reported. Then he capped his findings with a statement that gamers should as well forget "Warcraft: Orcs & Humans."

One thing that haunts game developers even as big a Blizzard is limited manpower and resources. While current generation of gamers still has enthusiasm for old titles like "Warcraft," Pearce stressed that it is better to cement the present releases in the market. Meaning, Blizzard will opt to add contents to its derivative "World of Warcraft" and the first-person shooter "Overwatch."

Now here is a heavier statement from Blizzard president Mike Morhaime, he affirmed that while "Warcraft" is a fantastic title that everybody loves, a remaster should be forgotten. Blizzard is hell-bent on making history in the gaming world but they have no plan to get leashed in previous works. The boss went as far as calling original "Warcraft" as "fossil" that has to be dug up to be revived, IGN reported.

Meanwhile, there are no details about the rumors of other Blizzard titles being en route to re-release for modern consoles. Titles like "Diablo II," "Starcraft" or the 3rd "Warcraft" weren't mentioned at Blizzcon neither.

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