'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Update: What Sony & Hello Games Did to Make NMS Die Quietly

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 08, 2016 07:37 PM EST

Several years of dual promotion from Sony and Hello Games seems insufficient to make the heavily-hyped "No Man's Sky" a smash hit and it ended as a disappointment instead. Probably so disappointing that Sony is kind of trying to distance from the association of this title to PlayStation VR.

The question now is if enigmatic character that became "No Man's Sky" persona is a good move for both developer and publisher. While it is a common trend to veil game titles with Nintendo-like secrecy, there are instances that expectations will simply end in heartbreaking results. Michael Goodman of Strategy Analytics described one such case in "No Man's Sky."

Goodman described how "No Man's Sky" became an instant hit during the opening weekend and seems to be rooting to shatter all records. However, things turned awkwardly when reviews and comments from the gaming community started to sink in. "No Man's Sky" is not as good as what was expected of it - a resounding judgment. So what happened in the end is the title dying in a quiet fashion, Goodman narrated at WeWriteThings.

What could be traced in "No Man's Sky" is lack of direction and proper cohesive plot. Think of lack of boss fight and the ups and downs that this title presents. Goodman made an excellent analogy of what AAA game element is missing in "No Man's Sky." Usually, we fight underlings then proceed to fight the boss, then more underlings and stringer boss - "No Man's Sky" has none.

And about game achievements? Again there is none in "No Man's Sky." Remember how electrifying it is to accomplish quests or look for something to fit the puzzle pieces together? Those were quests that will ultimately earn merits, credits or trophies - achievements.

So these missing ingredients made "No Man's Sky" a half-baked title while it could have been a blockbuster given its potential. Do you still play the game? Tell us if you found a gold mine worthy of second chance.

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