‘Pokemon’ Latest News & Update: Free Mythical Pokemon Available For Nintendo 3DS Download

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 09, 2016 07:11 AM EST

"Pokemon" players can get their hands on one of the 11 mythical Pokemon monsters with Nintendo's special anniversary treat. The rare Genesect Pokemon is now available for free download for a limited time period.

Participating GameStop stores in North America are offering avid "Pokemon" fans with a mystery code that will allow them to download a free mythical Pokemon named Genesect. Available for Nintendo 3DS gamers who own the gaming titles "Pokemon X," "Pokemon Y," "Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire," players are given until Nov. 24 to use their codes, according to Cinema Blend.

After getting the mystery code, players can download Genesect through the said "Pokemon" games' Mystery Gift menu option. After inputting the code, players are advised to visit an in-game Pokemon Center to retrieve their free Genesect. Gamers should also ensure that they have a vacant slot in their respective games to accommodate the said free creature.

Described as a steel and bug type Pokemon, the mythical creature can defeat its opponents with four moves namely the Signal Beam, Solar Beam, Magnet Bomb and Techno Blast. With a starting level of 100, Genesect can resist various normal moves and has high immunity against poison type Pokemon monsters, as indicated in the same report.

Meanwhile, Nintendo is set to release another free Pokemon in December. The special treats is part of the gaming company's year-long festivities to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary.

In other news, latest gaming leaks for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have unveiled the moves and stats of starter Pokemon monsters. Dataminer and YouTuber Kaphotics, as cited by Polygon, posted a video that contained the descriptions and special moves of several Pokemon creatures such as Rowlet, Datrix, Decidueye, Toxapex, Mareanie and Sivally.

The said clip also revealed the abilities of several rare creatures such as the legendaries Tapu Koko, Tapu Fini, Tapu Bulu and Tapu Lele. It also unveiled the Alolan forms of several classic Pokemon monsters.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will hit gaming stores on Nov. 18 for the Nintendo 3DS console. Learn about the stats of starter creatures in Kaphotics' video below:

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