'Sherlock' Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Irene Adler Returns? Will Moriarty Use The Woman Against Benedict Cumberbatch?

By Belle Smith , Updated Nov 09, 2016 10:00 PM EST

Fans have been waiting for the return of Irene Adler for quite some time. But is it possible that Lara Pulver's character is set to come back in "Sherlock" Season 4 only to be used as a weapon against Benedict Cumberbatch?

There are already speculations that Andrew Scott's Moriarty will be back to terrorize Sherlock Holmes again. However, there is also a possibility that he will bring Irene Adler with him just to confuse Benedict Cumberbatch's character in "Sherlock" Season 4.

Lara Pulver Set To Return As Irene Adler In 'Sherlock' Season 4?

Remember how Lara Pulver simply blew everyone away with her performance as Irene Adler in the second season of "Sherlock"? Although the character was revealed to still be alive and well, she has yet to return with a real appearance on the BBC show. Will Irene return in "Sherlock" Season 4?

There have been speculations that Irene Adler will be brought back in the fourth season of the BBC show. However, Lara Pulver's character might not be eager to return to the spotlight just yet. It is possible that Irene will be forced to come back by Moriarty, who has more evil plans in "Sherlock" Season 4.

Will Moriarty And Irene Adler Return In 'Sherlock' Season 4?

The show already has a new villain confirmed in Toby Jones, but fans are still holding out on hopes that they haven't seen the last of Moriarty. In addition to that, Lara Pulver has been busy working on her new film "Underworld: Blood Wars", where she is set to take on a villainous role opposite Kate Beckinsale (via Coming Soon).

It has not yet been confirmed whether Andrew Scott or Lara Pulver will have appearances in "Sherlock" Season 4. Nevertheless, the truth might finally be revealed when the series airs on BBC on January 1, 2017.

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