Sherlock: Season 4 (Release Date)

‘Sherlock’ season 4 news & update, spoilers: Teaser Paints Mirthless Picture of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman in Troubled Waters

“Sherlock” season 4 may find fan favorites Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman flooded with difficulties in this much anticipated darkest season where the worst villain ever to set foot on 221 Baker Street will appear in the character of Culverton Smith (played by Toby Jones), Jim Moriarty and Charles Magnussen aside; the next helping of the show will also delve into Mary Watson’s (Amanda Abbington) past and give her and Freeman’s Doctor John Watson a chance to be newly fledged parents.

by Abigail Briones

Benedict Cumberbatch promoting

Marvel’s 'Doctor Strange' Tops Off at $500 Million in Global Box Office

The first solo outing to Sorcerer Supreme's mystic world proves lucrative for Marvel Studios.

by Armando Dela Cruz

'Doctor Strange' - Fan Screening

'Doctor Strange' Review, Updates: Stellar Visual Effects And Strange Storyline Brings Another Dimension of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Doctor Strange fulfilled its promise of psychedelic visual scenes. Adding its superb storyline and talented casts, the film is just perfect! Read more about it here and be the judge.

by Wenilyn A.

Sherlock Holmes is coming soon

'Sherlock' Season 4 Spoilers, Air Date and Updates: New Trailer for Next Season Out; Show Will be Grim in 2017

A darker Sherlock Season 4 will debut on television on Jan. 1 and a recent trailer proves that fans have seen nothing yet.

by Nens Mitchell

'Marco Polo' New York Series Premiere

'Doctor Strange' News, Spoilers, Release Date: Benedict Wong's Film Character Will Differ From The Comics, Says Actor [VIDEO]

Benedict Wong's character won't be the "tea-making servant" in the upcoming "Doctor Strange" film set to arrive this November.

by Olivia Cavallaro

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