‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: Niantic Lucratively Rolls Out Daily Bonuses, Items & Crittters For A Limited Time

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 10, 2016 12:09 AM EST

Niantic has made a new tweak to “Pokemon Go” to spice things a bit in the form of daily bonuses. Much of this can be experienced when one comes across PokeStops, giving gamers more than the usual haul such as PokeBalls, eggs, and potions.

Other than that, there are the daily goodies to look forward to on “Pokemon Go”. For those who have made their first catch of the day, 500 XP, and 600 Stardust will be given, Forbes reported. It gets better when players play for seven consecutive days where the XP and Stardust rack up to 2,000 and 2,400 respectively.

For the PokeStops, a spin will reward players with another 500 XP and the items. Like the first catch of the day, “Pokemon Go” players can expect another 2,000 XP plus more items if played for seven consecutive days, CNet reported.

Aside from the added XP, Stardust, and goodies, “Pokemon Go” players may have noticed a sudden spike in spawned critters to catch. Some may seem common but seeing that there are players into evolving the critters, capturing the small fries could come in handy.

Niantic’s offer runs from November 7 to 11 so “Pokemon Go” players who want to rack in the goodies and points, it may be best to launch that app and get a move on. The whole thing should help retain players, a problem that Niantic seems to be dealing with right now.

“Pokemon Go” was able to rebound recently thanks mainly to the Halloween in-game event. It catapulted them back to the top of the game app charts and the word out is that more events are happening.

Thanksgiving is the alleged next occasion and the practice will continue for “Pokemon Go” until Christmas. The sudden generosity could be part of Niantic’s drive, entirely helpful to folks who wouldn’t mind getting extra points and goodies.

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