‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Son Goku Clings For Power, Vegeta Pushes Trunks To Limits, Black Goku, Zamasu’s Hatred Unbeatable?

By henric , Updated Nov 10, 2016 05:59 AM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" has finally gained some heads up to dominate the west. Starting from the latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66, it would showcase the power of the Gods. For one, Zamazu's explosive display of power makes him a significant threat.

Also, suddenly the episode end up showing little progress towards eliminating him from future trunks timeline. Two perspectives could be seen from the previous episodes of "Dragon Ball Super."  One of those two, the struggling humans to live beneath the city is the most interesting one.

The scene of humans finding means to survive is one of the most touching scenes for "Dragon Ball Super." More scenes depict how humans must seek out somewhere new to hide after their hideout begin to suffer structurally, as battle rages above the city. A person is struck down by a random blast of energy, after heading to the surface, which spark panic among to the rest of the crowd.

This leads to former resistance fighter break down. A strong moment for an average episode. Ordinary Human's perspective were rarely treated in dragon ball. And seing them react for their home's devastation. this crushing sense of helplessness brings needed humanity to a show that depicts God and God like entities according to IGN

"Dragon Ball Super" and its next episode would no doubt be the best anime so far. The ratings on "Dragon Ball Mythos" gone progressively better since the anime began airing. If speculations are right, episode 67 of "Dragon Ball Super" would leave fans another bittersweet memory of the anime, as noted by  Inquisitr.

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