Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, News & Update: Tech Giant’s New Smartphone Targets Professionals; Plans To Compete With iPhone?

By MPEO , Updated Nov 11, 2016 01:44 AM EST

The mobile industry has become the battleground of tech giants and new brands bragging different specs and features and showcasing its uniqueness. But, Microsoft has made its plans to enter the ring and give customers a different option with their Microsoft Surface Phone to be released in 2017.

Microsoft, the tech giant that acquired Nokia last April 2014, is speculated to end Lumia series following its cancellation of the rumored Microsoft Lumia 750 release. This is clearly seen now as the company has initially announced its Surface device products like Surface Book, which earned good reviews from the tech community. Following the trends of Surface Pro 4 tablet that Microsoft has initially released, it is likely that the company has plans to announce a new Microsoft Surface Phone in 2017.

According to Trusted Reviews, Microsoft Surface Phone is rumored to run in Windows 10 OS like the Surface Pro 4 tablet has. The company targets professionals to use its Surface Phone since the OS of the device is widely used in the business sector.

Obviously, this strategy will not directly put Microsoft Surface Phone in competition with flagship smartphones of other brands running Android OS, but it is more likely to compete with classy iPhone devices. This was hinted last year by Microsoft's CMO Chris Caposella saying that the company needs to work on a "breakthrough" strategy to make Apple fans "pause before they buy their 17th iPhone."

Additionally, there are rumors that Microsoft Surface Phone could sport the newest chipset that is still under development by Qualcomm, a Snapdragon 830. Also, the display has a feature of a 5.7-inch display with QHD resolution and the rear camera will get a 21MP Carl Zeiss Pure View.

However, other tech companies that already made a mark in the mobile industry, like Xiaomi and OnePlus, will also sport the same specs that Microsoft plans to put in Microsoft Surface Phone. The dilemma now is how Microsoft plans to compete with other brands considering that Android devices can also be used by professionals in their work or business. The biggest factor now in purchasing a smartphone is the price of the device, whether the consumers are for the value of money or a brand conscious.


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