Google I/O: What To Expect From The Big Conference

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 14, 2013 04:05 PM EDT

Tech junkies everywhere are gearing up for Google I/O, the internet powerhouse's annual developer conference. From products to software, attendees and viewers will get a sneek peak at what Google will be rolling out for the rest of the year.

So what can you expect from this year's edition of the expo? Get ready to geek out:

Android: The ever-evolving Android platform is looking to get lots of love at Google I/O. The event's official schedule reveals a myriad of sessions designed to help Android developers, from game design lectures to lessons on creating custom views. According to Mashable, Google is likely to announce some sort of 'Android Game Center,' which would serve as a central mobile gaming hub much like the iOS Game Center for Apple devices. Android system updates are also rumored to be revealed during the event, from a Jelly Bean upgrade to a full-on version 5.0.

Google Glass: Google started last year's I/O with a bombastic introduction featuring skydivers wearing Google Glass. They might not be able to top such showmanship this year, but best believe that this futuristic piece of hardware will be further fleshed out this year.ABC news suggests that new apps will likely be shown off for these high-tech glasses, which are still only in the hands of a select few at the moment. Will gadget fans finally find out when these products will go public? Only time will tell. 

Going Social: While Google+ has broken free of its invite-only status for a while now, the social network has yet to gain the same traction as powerhouses like Twitter and Facebook. You can expect Google to touch on both Google+ and Babel, a brand-new messaging service that will allow users to enjoy cross-platform chatting between Android, iOS, Chrome, and more.

While Google may not have the biggest products to roll out this year at I/O, viewers can look forward to a variety of new software and upgrades for their existing devices. What are you hoping to learn more about from this year's Google conference?

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