‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 66 Recap; 67,68 & 69 Episodes Exposed Son Goku’s Weakness; Vegeta Could Not Accept Defeat, Jealous Of Trunks, His Own Son?

By Danae Parker , Updated Nov 13, 2016 08:22 AM EST

Latest news and updates regarding "Dragon Ball Super" centers on the former episodes aired, the current and the forthcoming episodes as well. There are possible speculations regarding the upcoming episodes. Some claimed that Son Goku's weakness is finally unveiled.

There are also notions that Vegeta's evil whims are back and it is affecting his own family, particularly Trunks. Since Trunks' presence and contribution to saving the world was intense, there are rumors rising Vegeta would get jealous of his own son in the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super."

Given the legacy that the world has seen regarding "Dragon Ball Super," many were expecting that Son Goku would always be around to save the day and it seems that this time around, it was different.

With new powers and new strength depicted in "Dragon Ball Super," Son Goku was not able to defeat his enemies. Even though he collaborated with Vegeta, the two power Saiyans have failed to ensure the safety of humanity.

A former report from GamenGuide shared of some rumors regarding "Dragon Ball Super" and how it centers on the possible scenarios that might take place in the upcoming episodes. There are notions that Son Goku will immerse himself with the Saiyan power, but Vegeta would contradict it.

"Dragon Ball Super" episodes 66,67, and 68 centers on the upcoming battle that Son Goku and Vegeta might need to overcome and outlived and there are claims that the former enemies would join hands to defeat the colossal enemy who is Zamasu, as noted by the same report.

With Zamasu's villainous plot still on the roll, unity is vital for all of the characters of "Dragon Ball Super." However, given the circumstance and the rumors coming out for Vegeta, it should be taken with a grain of salt in mind.

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