‘Halo’ Latest News & Update: Livestreaming Event Coming Next Week, ‘Halo 5’ Loot Crate to Unveil

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 13, 2016 06:51 PM EST

Game developer 343 Industries is celebrating its 15th "Halo" franchise anniversary and will hold livestream event on Tuesday, Nov 15. The said date marks 15 years since the conception of "Halo: Combat Evolved" in 2001.

"Halo" anniversary special will hold livestreams via Twitch starting at 3:43 in the afternoon, Pacific time. The official 343 teaser announced that there will be a walkthrough presentation of Halo Museum where mementos about the franchise is to be showcased. Those who are old timers on the "Halo" game development will also talk about their fondest moments of the game.

What is highly-anticipated come Tuesday is the scheduled "Halo 5" play with fans where there will be a peek through "Halo" loot crate. There will be a sort of open forum as well and questions sent in Twitter will be answered. 343 Industries also assured other fun activities because the event is not tied with the script and they will flex to entertain anything that will eventually crop up.

Meanwhile, expect lots of "Halo" freebies in this anniversary celebration. 343 Industries teased maps from Combat Evolved re-made for "Halo 5" plus other give away. The developer made an analogy of these goodies similar to birthday party where attendees are going to receive loot bags, GameSpot said.

So, getting fed up with the pre-party hype? Don't be, because there are plans for the current "Halo 5" as well where extended celebration is going to unleash more DLCs. 343 Industries declined to reveal more details about the content but promised that they will take the gaming world into a spin very soon. Of course, there are leaks already that 343 statement pertains to updates to Warzone Firefight.

343 Industries is one of the most versatile developer when it comes to supplying free content to "Halo" franchise. In fact, the current addendum Anvil's Legacy is the 9th free content or expansion pack for the game.

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