'Dishonored 2' Latest News & Update: Choosing Between Corvo & Emily, Character Traits, Gameplay Differences

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 14, 2016 07:52 PM EST

"Dishonored 2" players already know that they are in for one tough decision from the start of the game, who among the protagonists Corvo or Emily is worth your while? After all, the choice is going to be your character for the entire game.

First things first, it is a consolation that whoever among Corvo or Emily is very capable so there will be no bad choice here. "Dishonored 2" is unique in some ways as well because there are two types of gameplay - be a shadow all throughout and avoid detection or destroy everybody in your path. Again, the father and daughter duo are both stealthy and lethal so nothing to worry.

However, there are notable differences between the two "Dishonored 2" characters so we will help you make your decision. First in the list is traversal power of Corvo called Blink, wherein the effect is instant albeit shorter distance. On the contrary, Emily can teleport longer distance with Far Reach but she is visible wherever she will thread. So, Corvo is an excellent choice for those who want precision while Emily for distance, PC Gamer said.

Then here is another worthy thought before choosing your first "Dishonored 2" character, style or mayhem? Corvo has Bend Time ability that can result to creative and stylist kill but also limits its effect. Emily's version is called Domino which can affect several enemies at the same time. In effect, we can call this category a choice between finesse and destruction, Twinfinite said.

In the end, there is no better way to choose "Dishonored 2" character but the character themselves. Everyone loves Corvo from the original title and some aren't ready to part ways with him yet. While Emily presents an opportunity for a whole new experience and a chance to know somebody new. So as parting ways, let us all remember that there is no "Dishonored 2" bad egg and either Corvo and Emily is an excellent choice.

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