'The Walking Dead' Latest News & Updates [SPOILERS]: Michonne Makes Shocking Move, Will This End Her Relationship With Rick?

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Nov 14, 2016 10:44 PM EST

Rick's new love interest Michonne is a big surprise to all the loyal fans of "The Walking Dead", but the decision that she made also give another shock. After Negan took over the Alexandria, the group suffers because they have to follow his orders.

However, they need to be creative in order for them to survive. They need to think of tactics to escape the group of Negan.

In Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead", it was shown that all of them have to surrender their weapons or else someone will die again. According to Observer, Negan would have done this because he may be nervous about what others may be capable of doing if they are armed.

So in order to secure the safety of everyone, Michonne, being one of the selfless people in the group, decided to give up her gun that she has hidden in the fireplace as well as the deer that she shot.

While lying in their bed, she sneaked carefully that she won't wake Rick sleeping beside her. But she did not know that Rick was already wide awake so he witnessed the scenario. Rick caught her getting the gun out but Rick stirred in and told her that he is awake. Michonne then proceeded and surrendered the gun and the deer.

According to Variety, the decision of Michonne is the reason that the tension between the both of them grew. It is now clear that the couple was in different sides of the page and this poses a problem, not just for their relationship, but the rest of the team. The couple then started giving each other the cold shoulder.

The "House Next Door" recap stated that Michonne only agreed reluctantly to give up the rifle because the safety of one of the members of their original group Olivia is at stake. The two are still together and Michonne's grudge to Rick is not that bad that they even have a heart to heart talk inside their room.

Still Michonne is not convinced that in order to survive they just have to obey Negan. Perhaps, her feelings to Rick are a little extreme that she might just agree to him. For more news and updates about "The Walking Dead", keep reading Gamenguide.


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