Introducing PowerWatch Charged by Body Heat; Heat Energy Converts Into Electric Energy to Charge This Smartwatch; PowerWatch Features Unveiled

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Nov 15, 2016 02:23 AM EST

A new Smartwatch is all set to hit the market with advanced technology and special features. Matrix Industries is ready with PowerWatch that will give users a huge relief as far as trouble with battery life is concerned.

Whichever smart device people may buy, their main concern is the battery support it provides. PowerWatch is a smart watch that does not need to be plugged in to get charged. It is the user's body heat that is sufficient enough to charge it. Yes, you heard it.

PowerWatch Release Details & Specs

PowerWatch is scheduled to be launched in July 2017. Indiegogo will start shipping the product from the same date with a minimum donation of $170 for shipment. Once you put the watch on your wrist, it will automatically start getting charged without troubling users of running short of battery.

PowerWatch is designed such that it converts the heat energy releasing from the human body into electrical energy. This electricity produced through conversion charges the smartwatch. Matrix Industries seems to follow the principles used in the "The Matrix" movies in which human beings acted as power resources, Gizmodo stated.

PowerWatch Special Features

PowerWatch also has a feature with the help of which it can use biometric information to enable users to be aware of the units of power being generated through the release of heat from their body. In addition, users can also have the opportunity to find out the number of calories they burn due to excessive heat generation. It is the thermoelectric technology that helps in converting the body heat into electricity.

Hence, until a body releases heat, PowerWatch will never run out of battery. The smartwatch is similar to Apple Watch that allows users to sync smartphone to Bluetooth. As a result, the one who wears it will get smartphone notifications instantly. It also makes sure the device is using the correct time zone. Above all, it gives the users a chance to customize its looks.

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