'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 4 Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Pimento & Rosa Getting Married!

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Nov 15, 2016 04:03 AM EST

This week Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) will come back to "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 4. The Season 4 will witness a major event which will bring together Jack and his gang. So, there will be a less serious event and the gang will be busy in the preparations for a wedding.

But apparently, it's not Jakes and Amy's wedding. Instead, Pimento and Rosa are getting married. Pimento, who is back after 12-year stint undercover, doesn't have a minute to waste and so he and Rosa might announce their wedding to the 99. Hilarity and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 4 are the two sides of a coin and same can be said about the season 4 and fans can expect that the wedding will bring more fun to the show.

The synopsis of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 4 episode is already given by the TV Guide. According to the synopsis, Rosa and Pimento decide to get married and the gang comes forward to help them. Amy will be the leader of the gang and it will have to follow her directions as she is the one who has shown efficiency in management. There is a probability that Amy will be the Maid of honor. The synopsis also revealed that Jake and Gina would put great effort to find Pimento's grandmother's earrings.

A lot of speculations are going on regarding the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 4 episode. As speculated by reports, there may be some hindrance in the wedding and Jake could be one of those who may initially muddle up the situation giving more scope to the fans for fun. However, things will come under control by the end of the episode. Another conjecture is that Holt and Terry would probably offer some advice on married life and Boyle would look after things like decoration and honeymoon bookings.

There is no doubt that the gang would work together to make the wedding a success and at the same time ensure that the fans have a blast with their antics. Stay tuned for more "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 4 news!

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