Sony Takes Jab At Xbox Reveal

By Mike Andronico , Updated May 21, 2013 12:07 PM EDT

The Xbox reveal is still an hour away, but it seems the next-generation console wars have officially begun.

Having just relased their latest PS4 teaser, Sony took a jab at today's massive Xbox event with the following tweet from the Playstation Europe Twitter account:

While gamers everywhere will be glued to their televisions and Xboxes anticipating news on the future of Microsoft's console on Tuesday, Sony is trying to make sure no one forgets about the Playstation 4. This friendly jab certainly brings back memories of the console wars of the past, when console companies would very clearly make fun of their competitors like in this hilariously classic Sega Genesis ad

Sony does have a head start on Microsoft with their new console out in the open, but do they have the truly superior product? You'll have to wait and see when the latest Xbox is revealed to the masses at 10 am PDT/1 PM EDT on Xbox, and Spike TV. 

How do you feel about Sony's early jab? Are we in for another era of true console wars? Whatever comes out of Tuesday's announcement, we think Sony and Microsoft should play some Expo Fighter and settle their differences once and for all.

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