'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: Next Event For Niantic Game Before Thanksgiving Plus More Update Forecast

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 15, 2016 11:22 AM EST

There have been many reports that Niantic will launch an event for the augmented reality game, "Pokemon Go" in Thanksgiving. However, there are reports claiming that Niantic has an event for "Pokemon Go" even before the Thanksgiving event and Pokemon fans are dying to know more.

Before Thanksgiving Major Event For 'Pokemon Go'

Slash Gear reports that Niantic is said to be developing a "Pokemon Go" event to be released this month before Thanksgiving comes. The said "Pokemon Go" event will start this weekend and will be ending in November 23, before the Thanksgiving event will commence.

The said "Pokemon Go" event will spawn an abnormal rate of Lapras in an area and this will continue to boost the pokemon's spawn rate until November 23. However, the "Pokemon Go" event will only happen in Japan, in selected areas such as Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture.

The said places in Japan where the "Pokemon Go" event will start are the places that were hit in the 2011 Tsunami that caused devastation to some parts of the country. Niantic said that the "Pokemon Go" Japan event will cause a positive reaction by bringing "Pokemon Go" fans and players in the said places.

'Pokemon Go' Thanksgiving Event

Meanwhile, there has been a mention about the upcoming "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving event that will happen on the eve of the said holiday. Previous reports state that the Thanksgiving event would have the same mechanics as the previous Halloween event.

The "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving event will feature a short walking distance in the Buddy system and an irregularity of pokemon spawns in player's respective cities. Spearow, Fearow, Pysduck, Golduck, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Ponyta and Rapidash are some of the predicted pokemons that will spawn in the "Pokemon Go" Thanksgiving event.

It is also mentioned in the report that the event will start on November 24 and will end in November 27. For more "Pokemon Go" news and update stay tuned to Gamenguide!

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