‘Watch Dogs 2’ Latest News & Update: Top Reasons to Play Hacker Marcus Halloway, Gameplay Review

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 15, 2016 08:39 PM EST

A day after unleashing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, let us list the reasons why "Watch Dogs 2" is a good title to consider. Ubisoft hits the road this Tuesday, Nov 15 for consoles and PC version will follow on Nov 29th.

If you are having a hard time getting a permit to fly a quadcopter in real life, fly as much as you can in "Watch Dogs 2." Drones are so common in this title considering that they are already essential spy tool. GameRanx reported that these drones can even take on enemy when facing tough opposition. Further, there are ground-based drones as well to aid character Marcus Halloway in maintaining stealth.

Of course, gamers shouldn't forget that the main theme of "Watch Dogs 2" is hacking. Ubisoft extended the hacking options this time around compared to its predecessor. Think of hacking autonomous car and manipulating it to your advantage. For brutal quests, electronics-driven weapons systems can be hacked as well.

Now from being lethal fighting machine, gamers can opt for subtle gameplay in "Watch Dogs 2." Kotaku hinted that one way to get through guards is using the classic stun gun. This style is indeed adding finesse to the game but be conscious that guards can wake up so speed element is also needed. Here is a nice tip for players: count the Z's on sleeping guards. When the Z's depleted into just one, then it's time to move out.

Combat is another good reason that makes "Watch Dogs 2" a worthy title. It is really cool how Marcus uses his stringed billiard ball the way a master uses nunchaku. While guns can be deployed for lethal effect, it is again the argument of finesse that we are thinking of.

To cap up, "Watch Dogs 2" sports a coop gameplay for easier takedown. This mode is fully interactive and players can either work together to complete missions or against each other in competition mode Online Invasions.

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