Nintendo Switch Latest News & Update: Things to Consider Before Buying Nintendo Switch; Hardware, Games Library & Pricing

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 15, 2016 08:37 PM EST

Nintendo Switch is nearing D-day with just four months or so and gamers are getting uneasy with the whole waiting game. The question is, how innovative Nintendo Switch is going to be to warrant the chance of slicing a chunk out of rivals PlayStation and Xbox?

What the gaming community knows so far about Nintendo Switch is the tie-up with NVIDIA to arrive with custom Tegra processor. SirusGaming said that this type of processor can handle the same stress that high-end graphics card are capable of. But remember that the commonplace between PlayStation and Xbox nowadays is 4K and Nintendo Switch is still unable to fit in. well, there is some comfort in the fact that technology is fast-pacing and anybody can pull off a shocker.

What could be the biggest draw of Nintendo Switch is its mobile nature. On-the-go capability that only the tech giant can wield because the competitors are too afraid to thread the same waters. Being such, gamers expect that Nintendo Switch can sustain several hours of playing even if unplugged and attached to its tab-like monitor. Oh, Nintendo assured that this console is going to last unusually long.

Meanwhile, Metro inbox is teeming with discussions about Nintendo Switch game library. There was fear earlier of shortage in game titles because most of AAA level iterations are residing in other consoles. However, it is clear now that top developers are diving into Nintendo pool. Who knows if at this very moment, bestsellers are being retrofitted for Nintendo Switch already?

Now here is a worthy thought before buying Nintendo Switch and it could be the foremost as well - pricing. In the absence of any public discussion about price tag, trying to plan the budget is futile for now. Of course, it can be argued that Nintendo Switch is going to cost within the price range of her rivals at $400 to $500. But then it is also a welcome idea if pricing is going to be competitive.

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