‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ Tops List Of 15 Xbox Games Better On The Console Than Playstation 2

By Vittorio Hernandez , Updated Nov 16, 2016 08:42 AM EST

Microsoft launched the original Xbox 15 years ago on Nov. 15, 2001 to compete against Playstation 2 of Sony. With its offer of powerful graphics processor and built-in hard drive, plus a dedicated online gaming service, the Xbox set an architectural trend which would dominate the gaming industry in the next 15 years.

Since then, the manufacturer had released two console generations and several hardware updates. When the console was released, Xbox only had 20 games, however, over the years, the software available and services on the platform evolved into a content-rich ecosystem, Windowscentral reported.

By early 2017, “Halo,” Xbox’s renowned shooter series, would get its 13th entry. The Guardian acknowledged “GoldenEye” as the first game to bring successfully the dynamics of the first-person shooter to games machines. But it pointed out that it was “Halo” which “turned the whole concept of the console shooter into a distinct and credible artform.”

Greatest Xbox Games

“Halo: Combat Evolved” is number 1 on the British daily’s list of 15 Greatest Xbox Games because of its excellent controls, array of weapons, structure, smart enemies and a cogent, engrossing universe. The game is revolutionary and has become synonymous with Xbox, the console.

After “Halo: Combat Evolved” came “Gears of War 2,” followed by “Mass Effect 2,” “Bioshock” and “Star Wars: Knights of the Republic” to make up the top 5. Making up the last 10 places are “Fable II,” “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare,” “Project Gotham Racing,” “The Orange Box,” “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” “Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2,” “Forza Horizon 3,” “Ninja Gaiden Black,” “Trials HD” and “Braid.” In naming the 15, The Guardian said it based the list on these games being “Xbox exclusives, or games that were better, earlier or more acclaimed on Xbox” than other consoles.

Xbox Scorpio Coming in 2017

In 2017, Microsoft is slated to officially roll out the Xbox Scorpio, expected to be the most powerful upgrade version of Xbox One and more powerful than the Sony PS4 Pro. Phil Spencer, Xbox head, hinted the Xbox Scorpio would be VR-ready by the end of 2017 in time for the Christmas holiday season. Believed to be 43 percent more powerful than the upcoming PS4 Pro, the specific release date of Xbox Scorpio is expected to be announced soon.

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