False Information and News in Facebook and Google: Will it Be Abolished?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 16, 2016 07:20 AM EST

Facebook and Google were shocked to see the fake news that talked about Pope Francis endorsing Donald Trump to win for election. Other than this, people were confused if the news is true or not. Due to that, anger brewed among the netizens and some believed it to be true, which is not. Truly, this news is multiplying in numbers and are garnering views that add to their profit. Such news and ads should be abolished right away to avoid any conflict and vanish every doubt there is.

Facebook and Google take action, will the fake news vanish?

A lot of managers and specialists in the industry are trying their best to dissipate the problem right away. However, with numerous other news and ads present, it would take some time. As stated in an article in Inquirer, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the matter is a lesson and would work to fix it right away. In addition, Pichai said he would make sure that the bogus news will not get distributed to other websites, especially Facebook and Google.

The time for countermeasures before things get worse

Since the election victory of Donald Trump, the news scattering the information that the cause of his victory was Pope Francis endorsing him. It was proven false. On another report by David Pierson in Los Angeles Times, Facebook and Google will filter and curate every ads and news from now. Since these companies are trusted by millions of users around the world, it is still difficult to make them believe that these types of news are wrong and false. Hopefully, there will come a time where solutions are made to end this because it is not helpful.

Furthermore, professor of information studies of Syracuse University states that people fall for fake news because something about it confirms our perspectives and belief about the world. Most importantly, we are most likely to watch the news and gain information from another rather than news-reading. You can view the full article here.

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