Facebook's "Dark Mode" Disappears: How to Fix it in iOS Devices

Last Wednesday, several users of the Facebook app in both iOS and Android have complained that the "Dark Mode" feature was gone without a warning. Facebook said that they have restored it

by Staff Reporter

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Facebook Latest News & Update: Launches Live Audio Streams In Partnership With BBC & More To Come

Facebook started testing a live audio streaming service that will let users basically broadcast radio-style on the leading online social network.

by CJ Estimada

Facebook Messenger Group Calling Now Available [Conference Call]

Facebook Messenger App News & Updates: New Group Voice Call Feature On Desktop In Its Testing Phase

The group voice call feature has been available on Facebook Messenger apps since April 2016, but the social media network intends to launch it on computers, as well.

by V Doctor

Facebook Fight vs Fake News

“Facebook” Latest News & Updates: Facebook Gets Serious, Fights Spoof Fake News Out!

Facebook finally seeks to end fake news, including spammers that create contents for their own personal gain.

by Jun Pasaylo

Mark Zukerberg shared about plans to control fake news

Facebook Revealed The Plans To Control Hoaxes And Fake News

VP and CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared the plans that they have made to control fake news.

by Sunidhi

Facebook Declines Donald Trump's Speculated Muslim Registry Request

Facebook Declines Donald Trump's Speculated Muslim Registry Request

Facebook voices their refusal to participate in Donald Trump's speculated bid for tech companies to create a National Muslim registry.

by Michael Augustin

Facebook Secrets You Need To See

Facebook Parents Portal News & Update: Facebook Calls For A Positive Online Experience; End To Bullying & Sextortion Online

Facebook creates Parents Portal to help keep children safe online.

by Arianne Gift

TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014 - Day 1

Oculus Latest News & Update: Facebook Splits Oculus Into Two Groups; Oculus Boss Brendan Iribe Steps Down

Oculus boss Brendan Iribe steps down to lead the new Oculus group for PC VR.

by LJ Joseph

What's true and what's not! Let's explore!

Kim Kardashian News & Updates: Starlet Not Dealing With Any 'Mystery Illness'! More On Kanye And Divorce!

Kim Kardashian is NOT suffering from a "mystery illness," contrary to a report about a "medical crisis." A leading publication is exclusively told the alarming story is untrue. Gamenguide.com raised concerns on Friday when it ran a headline announcing, "Fears For Kim! Kardashian Battling Secret MYSTERY Illness." It was said in the accompanying story that the reality star is "dealing with a troubling secret even worse than her Paris robbery and Kanye West's meltdown."

by Surabhi Verma

Holiday Shoppers Get An Early Start On Thanksgiving Day

Don’t Fall For These Holiday Gift Exchange And Shopping Scams On Facebook

'Tis the season to avoid gift exchange and shopping scams on Facebook by being diligent.

by Faye F.

Facebook Secrets You Need To See

Facebook 2016 Latest News & Update: Mark Zuckerberg-led Company Launches New Location Frames Feature Like Snapchat; Which Is Better?

Facebook just upped its photo game with the the addition of customized location frames very much similar to the ones offered by rival social media app Snapchat. Will this new feature draw more people to favor Facebook over Snapchat?

by Jen Key

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube Help Fight Online Terrorism

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube Help Fight Online Terrorism

Internet sites and companies Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube have banded together to stop online terrorism

by Florence Maxino

Behind the Machine

HP Release Date, Latest News & Update: HP Is Releasing Memory-Driven 'The Machine' Supercomputer; 8000 Times Faster Than PCs?

HP is releasing The Machine supercomputer that beats PCs in 2018 or 2019.

by LJ Joseph

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