Nvdia CEO: Gamers will be amazed by the Nintendo Switch

By danjvitan , Updated Nov 16, 2016 09:33 AM EST

Hot off the heels of its announcement, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most anticipated consoles to be released next year. Gamers were immediately impressed by its unique concept of home console gaming on to go. As the announcement trailer showed, Nintendo Switch allows players to play on their TV's via a dock and slide out a tablet to switch to portable gaming. It is the first console to combine portable and home gaming in one machine.

However, gamers aren't the only ones excited with the Nintendo Switch. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang also has positive things to say for the upcoming console. On the company's Q3 financial briefing, the Nvidia CEO said that "several hundred engineering years have gone into the development of this incredible game console. I really believe when everybody sees it and enjoy it, they're going be amazed by it. It's really like nothing they've ever played with before." He also revealed that Nintendo and Nvidia have been working on the Nintendo Switch for "almost two years." Nvidia is the company that has developed the Tegra Cpu which will be used to power the console.

Gamers can expect the partnership to last as the CEO also said that "this is a relationship that will likely last two decades". If the Nintendo Switch delivers on its promise of portable home console gaming and does it well, this will be good news for gamers. Nvidia, a company who is counting on the financial success of Nintendo, having strong sales performance of the Nintendo Switch will assure the partnership of both companies to last. This will mean development of more projects beyond the Nintendo Switch.

In addition, Nvidia isn't the only gaming company that has nothing but praises for the console. Ubisoft's CEO called the console "really great" while Take Two's CEO is also 'enthusiastic'. Again, these statements should be taken with a grain of salt as these companies can benefit alongside Nintendo's success. But, these comments are still something to consider as Nintendo has been very secretive of its newest console.

Nintendo's last console, the Wii U has been universally deemed a commercial flop. The company has been losing money for the past several years and stocks are steadily declining despite the success of the 3DS; the company's handheld console. We can expect Nintendo to go all in on the Nintendo Switch to avoid its recent failures and prevent financial ruin. But with positive reactions from both gamers and gaming companies, add to that, the support of third party developers which was missing on the Wii U, Nintendo might have its saving grace. Nintendo Switch is stated to release in March 2017.

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