WhatsApp News & Update: Upgraded App Now With Secure Video Call Features In Reponse To Recent Privacy Issue

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Nov 17, 2016 03:07 AM EST

WhatsApp, is a widely established communication tool. It has once again called attention to itself with the addition of a totally encrypted video calling on top of its messaging offer. This move is to heed the call of the masses for a higher level of privacy encryption.

WhatsApp won't fall far behind its mother company, Facebook, with itself gaining a billion users to date. It has beaten all other communication applications worldwide. A fast and simplecommunication application, it can transfer messages, pictures and documents worldwide at once. The additional feature will be primarily released in 180 countries after it is introduced in India. Users can now enjoy a worry free fast-acting way of video calling by means of WhatsApp's newest offering.

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum said that they are obsessed with knowing and providing what the users are currently yearning for. Earlier this year, WhatsApp embraced end to end encryption. This prohibits companies and government agencies from technically listening to calls.

WhatsApp also made it top priority for the video call feature to work soundly even on low-end phones. This shows that the people behind the technology are sensitive to the individual needs of its consumers. People who play a significant role in society can now be assured that their highly confidential calls are not being recorded without their knowledge.

The video calling add-on will enable the subscriber to check a message or chat while actively participating in a live call. They can also view on the thumbnail what the person on the other line is seeing from his monitor. WhatsApp has once again reiterated its allegiance to customer privacy. This is amidst the advocacy of the newly-elected US president Donald Trump to encourage technology companies to share the personal information of their clients once needed. 

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