Nintendo Switch Specs, Latest News & Update: Nintendo’s New Console Redefines Portability

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 16, 2016 11:09 AM EST

Finally, Nintendo brings you a console that you can bring anywhere and anytime. The Nintendo switch might be the game giants best console yet; A portable gaming device that allows you to play using different media devices and fans can't get enough of it.

After months of being teased with the console's release, gamers are now anxious to see if Nintendo's game changing device can deliver expectations. Nintendo Switch is a first of its kind hybrid gaming console that can be used on a television set and a portable device similar to Nintendo's Iconic Game Boy.

Nintendo Switch Specs, Latest News & Update: Nintendo Switch Might Be The Brand's Game Changer

An article on Digital Trends details how the console will work. When using the gaming device home, the two sides of the console slide off and connect to a holster called the "Joy-Con Grip" to create a joystick. Nintendo Switch's center clicks into a base station that connects the console to a TV monitor.

Switching back to portable mode is easy. Gamers can simply snap the "Joy-Con" controllers to the side and lift it out of the dock. Creators of the console even told fans that the gaming rig will be able to transition to the screen from the TV to the console's display automatically.

Nintendo Switch Specs, Latest News & Updates: EA's CFO Excited For Switch

GameSpot wrote that EA CFO Blake Jorgensen is very excited for Nintendo's upcoming hybrid console. The game devleoper also vowed to create "two big titles" for the console's launch. The soft spoken CFO, however, told participants at the annual UBS Global Technology Conference that he's not still sure how the device would be accepted and treated by gaming consumers.

Nintendo reportedly already has a strong third-party lineup of game developers that will be supporting the console. Nintendo Switch will be launched in March 2017.

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